Lab Incharge: Mr. Brajesh Kumar (Assistant Professor) 

Lab Attendant: Mrs. Meena Dewan 


List of Experiments:

1. Study of various sensors e.g., Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor, Magnetic Sensorns, Load Cells, Film Sensors.

2. Characteristics of (Resistive and Thermo emf) temperature sensor.

3. Measurement of displacement using LVDT

4. Measurement of strain and torque using strain gauges

5. Measurement of speed using photoelectric sensors, tachogenerators and stroboscope.

6. Calibration and measurement of temperature using PRT.

7. Static and Dynamic Characteristics of sensors.

8. Liquid level measurement using capacitive measurement system.

9. Pressure measurement using load cell.

10. Study and operation of Electrochemical Cell.