Lab In-charge: Prof. Arvind Rehalia

Lab Assistant: Mr. Prem Singh Gusain


List of Experiments:

1. a) To find factorial of a number.

    b) To find sum of factorial of a number.

    c) To find roots of a quadratic EQ.

2. Matrix Operation Sum, subtraction, division, multiplication, inverse, transpose, ad joint, rank, Eigen value of numbers.

3. To find the:- A Transfer function B Poles, Zeros and gain C Partial fractions

4. Programmed to print output of two function in series, parallel & feedback.

5. Root locus, Nyquist plot and Bode plot.

6. To find out state space from the given transfer function vice versa & calculate

7. To check controllability & observability of a given system.

8. To study the discrete control system.

9. To study the effect of various non linearity on a system.

10. Solve state equation for optimal control using Riccati equation.